Corrie wins award for Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management

Minimising the direct waste footprint of our operations.

Coronation Street has won the Zero Waste Platinum Award at the 14th Awards for Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management. Television’s longest-running continuing drama works consistently to lead the industry in producing a television drama of the highest quality with the lowest possible environmental impact. Established in 2003 and widely regarded as the most prestigious awards programme in the waste and recycling sector, they aim to recognise achievement and promote efforts in recycling, reuse and waste reduction.

When relocating Coronation Street to its new home in MediaCityUK in 2013, an opportunity arose for ITV to create a step-change with regards to the show’s environmental performance. The production team took a holistic approach to sustainability, assessing energy, water, waste, transport, materials and editorial content. Some of the measures taken by the production team to reduce waste include:

    • Salvaging wood for set builds from old sets wherever possible, otherwise timber is from FSC-approved sources.
      • Banning disposable cups for hot or cold drinks at the studios. Plastic cups have been replaced with a plentiful supply of porcelain mugs and reusable plastic beakers. The location catering supplier also now uses china plates rather than disposables.
        • Weaving in examples of sustainable living on-screen, for example Beth and Kirk’s upcycled wedding, Roy’s organic allotment and recycling featured as a matter of course, with the correct Weatherfield bins out on the right days. Whether it’s Sally’s grump at Tim getting bin day muddled or Tyrone turning to scrap as a source of income, the result is warmth and humour with a twist of real-world sustainable inspiration.
          • All filming and delivery is now 100% tapeless and file-based.

Coronation Street also has the silver award for a carbon literate organisation and a three star albert certification for sustainable production.