Daytime driving progress

ITV Daytime replace their satellite trucks with low emission alternatives

It’s important for all our teams to explore ways of reducing the environmental impact of their programming. ITV Daytime already regularly implement albert certification practices to bring down the carbon footprint of their productions. They’ve just bought a range of ultra low emission vehicles to reduce this even more.

Our Daytime shows, such as This Morning and Good Morning Britain (GMB), regularly broadcast from outside of the studio and around the UK. Historically, we’ve used traditional satellite vans or trucks to broadcast live on location, driving on average 40,000 miles a year.

In late-2017 we replaced these traditional diesel vehicles with a high-tech, low impact fleet of four Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). Our new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs each have a 2 litre petrol engine, 2 electric motors and a battery on-board. They can drive solely on electrical energy for over 30 miles, or assist the petrol engine and regenerate power. As these cars are ultra low-emission, they are also Congestion Charge-free in London.

The transmission technology is equally impressive – our vehicles are IP-based and equipped with an auto-pointing satellite dish. Instead of beaming pictures out via satellite we gather or ‘bond’ all available bandwidth and send pictures back to the studio via the internet. This uses less energy and also provides significant cost-savings.

Above all else, we can be a lot more agile with the new kit. We can quickly remove it from the vehicle to follow a story on foot when needed. If the cellular signal is reduced (or you just can’t get parked!) we also have a fly-away version of the satellite that means we can also take the dish with us. This is how we were able to transmit an extended GMB from location following the Westminster attacks in London earlier this year.

Great efforts from ITV Daytime so far, but they aren’t stopping there. Our ambition is to continue to grow and invest in the latest eco vehicles with even greater mileage range as soon as they are available. Whilst our work won’t make a difference to what you see on-screen, it is having a positive impact on our environment!