Emmerdale goes green

The continuing drama is minimising its environmental impact.

Emmerdale has been awarded the albert certification receiving a 3 star rating, BAFTA’s highest possible score, for implementing sustainable production techniques, achieving a carbon reduction against industry benchmarks and involving key stakeholders.

Initiatives run across the production included the introduction of hybrid vehicles, reduction in paper/print, recycling and up-cycling sets/props where possible and using LED lighting.

Tonight the team will be celebrating this achievement on screen by introducing a new end board to the programme featuring a new animated Emmerdale sustainable production logo, here’s a sneak peek:





It’s really important here at Emmerdale that we understand and manage our environmental impact. Because we make so many episodes there’s a huge opportunity to make a big difference using our economy of scale and we’re proud that sustainability is now firmly embedded into our production values. We’re really proud of our albert 3 star rating but this is definitely not the end of our sustainability journey, it’s only the start.

Matt Cleary, Head of Production, Emmerdale

Understanding and managing environmental impacts is an important part of being a responsible and sustainable business. We are committed to managing the environmental footprint of our offices, studios and productions and through the implementation of our Social Partnership, we are encouraging all our programme suppliers to do the same.