ITV goes dark for Earth Hour

Using our brand to encourage action

On Saturday 30th March at 8:30pm, our London, Leeds and Manchester sites joined the cities, businesses, schools, landmarks, restaurants, celebrities, politicians and people in 188 countries taking part in Earth Hour, the world’s largest movement encouraging people to show their commitment to the future of the planet by switching off lights and pledging to improve their environmental impact.

This year, not only did our main sites get involved, but our popular continuing dramas, Emmerdale and Coronation Street, did too.

In a special VT shared with Emmerdale’s social media followers, Emmerdale encouraged viewers to get involved with Earth Hour after suggesting their characters had got up to some interesting business in the dark. The video ended with the words,  ‘Switch the lights back on at 9.30pm and we’ll show you what our characters got up to in the dark.” After 9.30pm, a second video ‘revealed’ what the characters had got up to, with a surprise at the end as the face of a brand new character came into focus –  Nate Robinson played by actor Jurell Carter.

Similarly, our Coronation Street team not only switched off the lights on the cobbles, but also encouraged their twitter followers to do the same. See their post here.

Improving the impact we have on the planet is a strategic priority for ITV, and we have been working with our production and creative teams to reduce the impact of our production and normalise sustainable behaviors on screen for some time. We also work closely with the albert consortium and our industry peers to ensure our people have access to the latest training, tools and knowledge to help them improve the impact of their productions and the decisions they make everyday, right across our business. For more information, see the Planet section of our site or read our latest Corporate Responsibility Report.