ITV Strengthens Social Partnership Commissioning Commitments

ITV’s Social Partnership has been simplified and strengthened to create even greater impact with production partners

As the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK, we’re able to reach millions of people on a daily basis. This reach comes not only with a responsibility, but also an opportunity to affect long-term positive change.

To continue to attract the largest possible audiences our content needs to reflect and appeal to the breadth of audiences that characterise modern Britain; be produced in the most environmentally sustainable way; and address social topics important to audiences.

We take overall ownership for our aim to reflect an inclusive society, improve our environmental impact and empower communities and causes, but we can only achieve this by working in partnership with our production community whose programmes we commission.

This is where the Social Partnership comes in. It was introduced in November 2014 as the third element in our programme commissioning process, alongside editorial and business affairs. The commitments are designed to encourage conversations amongst senior decision makers at the very start of the programme-making process, making sure we can share our expectations of our three priorities; People (inclusive programming and workforce), Planet (environmental impact) and Partnerships (community and causes).

In February 2018 we’ve strengthened and simplified these commitments. For People we are asking producers to commit to a minimum of two production promises on-screen and two production promises off-screen.

For Planet, we are now making it a requirement for our production partners to complete a carbon footprint using the BAFTA albert tool, as well as committing to another one of the four initiatives outlined.

Our social cause strategy at ITV is health and wellbeing and, where relevant and applicable, for Partnerships we would like producers to talk to us about how they can support this. This could mean normalising discussions around mental health or supporting our large-scale campaigns, such as Soccer Aid.

The focus of our approach is ongoing dialogue and long-term sustainable change for the industry. Together with our production partners, we can have a real impact on how inclusive, sustainable and charitable our industry is.