ITV Wales wins Transgender TV award

ITV Wales wins at Transgender TV awards

Y Byd ar Bedwar recognised for its coverage of Wales' Transgender community

ITV Wales’ current affairs programme, Y Byd ar Bedwar (The World on Four), made for Welsh language channel, S4C, are delighted to have been awarded for their coverage of the transgender community in Wales.

The Transgender TV Awards, now in their fourth year, recognise television presenters, actors and producers who have made a particular effort to treat transgender people with dignity and respect.

Jenny-Anne Bishop, organiser for national transgender celebration, Sparkle, presented programme editor, Geraint Evans, and the team with the award.

Byd Ar Bedwar’s programme was easily the best in terms of respectful treatment of transgender people, highlighting the important issues the community faces on a daily basis and in showing how we fit into the communities we live in. Y Byd ar Bedwar’s report was overwhelmingly voted as the best in Wales in 2014. Jenny-Anne Bishop, OBE

I’m very grateful to the trans community for presenting this award to Y Byd ar Bedwar. As a current affairs programme, I believe we have a duty to reflect the diverse society we live in and to expose any prejudice shown against minorities in our communities. Geraint Evans, Y Byd ar Bedwar Programme Editor