Coppafeel's Boobettes at an event, raising awareness of the importance of self checks.

ITVBe, Lorraine and CoppaFeel! become Breastmates

ITVBe, Lorraine and CoppaFeel! get men and women checking their boobs and reminding their #Breastmates to do the same

One in eight women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime and the earlier it’s detected, the more
likely you are to beat it. During Breast Cancer Awareness month in October 2015, ITVBe and Lorraine joined forces with CoppaFeel! to launch Breastmates.

Lorraine attracts an audience that’s 77% women, 30% of whom are under 44 years old, and ITVBe is our channel predominantly aimed at women.  Almost two hours of airtime was dedicated, showcasing viewer and celebrity friendships with the underlying message of reminding each other to check their breasts.

The result was a 145% increase in the number of visitors to Coppafeel’s website compared to the previous month and more than 28,000 people visited our Breastmates website. What’s more, 1,300 people signed up to CoppaFeel’s text reminder service to remind them to check their breasts, a 90% increase on the number of sign-ups during the same period in 2014.

After visiting your website two weeks ago and checking my boobs, I found a small lump. I immediately went to my doctor…thankfully it was just a build-up of tissue. If it hadn’t have been for BreastMates and Coppafeel, I don’t think I would have visited my doctor so I would like to thank you.

Email received, November 2015