Lighten The Load

Breaking down the stigma of mental health issues.

One in four of us will suffer from some form of mental health issue in any given year and throughout April and May, Loose Women, supported by the Samaritans, Mental Health Foundation and Mind, ran their Lighten the Load campaign to help raise awareness and spark important conversations around mental health.

The campaign saw Loose Women panellists share their own very personal experiences of mental health and urged viewers to make a pledge to talk and listen in the hope of breaking down the stigma of mental health. Jamelia shared her experience of depression and Andrea McLean opened up about her struggle with postnatal depression, after the birth of her second child, which she hid from friends, family, colleagues and viewers of the daytime show for two years before seeking medical help.



Coinciding with Mental Health Awareness week, the campaign shared practical tools like the Lighten The Load mental health checklists and websites offering advice and guidance whilst also sparking important conversations over social media and attracting extensive coverage.

More than 30,000 people visited the Lighten the Load website for advice on signs of stress, and guidance on what to do in case of concern with over 4,000 people pledging to talk and listen.


The reason why I’m so passionate about this campaign…and so glad that this show has launched it, is because there are so many early interventions that can happen… it’s really just being able to talk early on, without it escalating
June Sarpong, Loose Women Panelist, on-air 25th April 2016