Millions pledge to support the bereaved

Good Morning Britain’s 2018 1 Million Minutes campaign most successful to date

Reaching millions of viewers every day, at ITV we have a unique opportunity through our programmes to inspire, reflect and shape culture for good.

Our team at Good Morning Britain were doing just this over the Christmas period when, in December, they launched  their 1 Million Minutes campaign for the third year running. 2018’s campaign proved to be the most successful to date, with viewers pledging the same number of minutes as in years 1 and 2 combined.  First launched  in 2016, 1 Million Minutes aims to combat loneliness in the UK, and 2018’s campaign focused on supporting those who are lonely due to bereavement.

Partnering with Contact the Elderly, Cruse Bereavement Care and Grief Encounter, the campaign encouraged viewers and colleagues to take the time to be with someone who is bereaved. This could be an older person who has lost a long term partner, a child who has lost a parent, or anyone who has lost a family friend.

The public heard this message and a staggering 64 million minutes were pledged by our viewers – the same as 2016 and 2017’s campaign totals added together! The charities involved reported that the campaign was a massive success for them, flooding them with applications for new volunteers.  Similarly, traffic to the Good Morning Britain website doubled during this time.

The campaign launched with a specially commissioned film called “Time is a Gift”, made by Phil Beastall who was behind the viral film “Love is a gift”, and was viewed nearly half a million times on Facebook and Twitter. Familiar faces helped the campaign grow, including the Prince of Wales and Joe Swash volunteering their time to hold a tea party for lonely elderly people in Scotland, Martin Lewis talking about losing his mum and his support of the Grief Encounters charity, and Simon Thomas and his son speaking for the first time about losing his mum to cancer and how people supported them through it.

Learn more about the campaign on the Good Morning Britain website here.