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Our approach

To continue to grow our business in a responsible and transparent way whilst harnessing the power of the nation’s most-loved and most-watched programmes to create long-term change for good.

Here at ITV, we want to continue to build a creative, commercial and global organisation. To do this, it’s essential that we operate as a responsible and transparent business, displaying the values that our stakeholders expect and admire, and continue to build pride and loyalty towards our brand.

As the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK and a growing international business, we have a unique asset in being able to reach millions of people on a weekly basis through our programmes and content. Our reach and visibility comes with not only a responsibility, but also an opportunity to affect long-term positive change.

Our responsibility strategy focuses on three priorities: People, Planet and Partnerships. Each priority highlights the risks and opportunities that are most relevant to us, and we’ve made four commitments under each one that incorporate our main assets and business operations.

Our three priorities

In line with our business plan to continue to invest in our content, our brand and our people, our responsibility strategy focuses on three priorities:

Our four commitments

Each of our priorities highlight the risks and opportunities that are most relevant to us, and we have made four commitments under each which incorporate our main assets and business operations.

Leveraging our
on-air reach

As a broadcaster at the heart of popular culture, everyday we have the opportunity to use our reach to millions of people to have a positive impact on society.

Leveraging our

From script writers to sales teams to runners, our workforce is our strongest asset. We want to empower colleagues to create long-term change for good.

Responsible business

Our goal is to embed responsibility at the heart of everything we do, making sure that each area of our business is equipped and empowered to make a difference.

How we work
with others

We work with a huge number of individuals and organisations. Through these relationships we have an opportunity to engage others to create positive change.

How it fits together

Here’s how our priorities and commitments fit together. Visit the People, Planet and Partnerships sections to find out more about our work across these areas.


Leveraging our on-air reach
Inclusive programming
Greener programming
Empowering charities and causes

Leveraging our people
Inclusive workforce
Greener workforce
Empowering our workforce

Responsible business day-to-day
Inclusive culture
Greener footprint
Empowering our viewers

How we work with others
Inclusive access to programmes and services
Greener partners
Empowering communities

Most-loved, most-watched

Our commitments apply to our entire programme schedule but it’s important to focus our efforts where we know we can have the greatest impact.

Some of our most popular programmes in the UK can attract audiences of over 10 million and reach over 80% of the UK population. Whether it’s a one-off show or a longstanding favourite, our approach towards most-loved and most-watched considers not only audience numbers but also the frequency in which a programme airs. We have identified our top programmes by ‘viewer minutes’, that is the average audience multiplied by a programme’s duration across the entire year, and we’re targeting these big hitting shows as a priority.

Our standards and governance

We produce content to entertain a wide range of audiences and doing this in a transparent and accountable way is a fundamental part of how we do business.

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To continue to be commercially successful, it’s essential that we make and broadcast programmes in a responsible and sustainable way.Adam Crozier


Our Responsibility programme is supported by our Responsibility Strategy Board. The board is made up of 10 directors from across the business and is chaired by Andrew Garard, Group Legal Director and Company Secretary, who reports to Adam Crozier, Chief Executive.

The Responsibility Strategy Board takes overall accountability of our Responsibility strategy, gives direction and monitors progress, making sure our activities align with our business plan.

It’s essential that corporate responsibility is embedded into our core business plans, so we work with the different areas of the business to identify how they can own and contribute towards the delivery of our priorities. The Responsibility team advise and facilitate action around the business, as well as developing and managing specific initiatives until they become part of everyday business.

Our vision is to be a responsible television producer broadcaster; known for driving sustainable solutions for our industry and influencing positive behaviour change in society. This means our content needs to reflect and be accessible to modern society, address current social topics, and have a positive impact on our environment and value chain. Like our legal and regulatory obligations, these commitments are fundamental to our long-term business strategy and success.

Collaborative working

The size and scale of our operations means we’re in a position to positively influence our industry and strive for a future that’s both profitable and sustainable.

Our corporate responsibility priorities, by and large, affect our industry as a whole, like increasing employment accessibility to our industry, diversity both on-screen and behind the scenes, improving accessibility of our services and reducing the environmental impact of television production and broadcast. We recognise that to have the greatest impact and deal most effectively with these complex industry-wide issues, we often need a strategic approach. That’s why over the years, we’ve forged strong partnerships and supported forums that enable us to work collaboratively and effectively with a range of organisations including other UK broadcasters. We’re members of Business in the Community, the Prince’s Responsible Business Network. Their members work together to tackle a wide range of issues that are essential to building a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

We’re also members of the Media CSR Forum, a partnership between 25 leading companies in the UK spanning the full range of the media spectrum. The Forum shares and promotes best practice around social and environmental performance, identifies areas for prioritisation and runs collaborative projects and events on key issues.

More on how we work collaboratively with other organisations can be found in the People, Planet and Partnerships sections.

The Social Partnership

Beyond our own direct activity, it’s important that we engage with suppliers of our programmes and services to ensure understanding of our expectations and commitment to People, Planet and Partnerships.

The Social Partnership framework was introduced in November 2014 as the third element in our programme commissioning process, alongside editorial and business affairs. It’s designed to encourage conversations amongst senior decision makers at the very start of the programme-making process, enabling us to share our expectations of our three priorities; People (inclusive programming and workforce), Planet (environmental impact) and Partnerships (community and causes).

We believe this partnership approach creates open dialogue on the challenges producers may face in socially responsible programme making, and creates opportunities for them to be addressed, affecting long-term sustainable change, both within ITV and the wider programme production community.

The Social Partnership does not set hard fast targets for programme partners. What it does do is include a very detailed breakdown of modern Britain and our request is that together, we get to a place, where relevant, that all programmes reflect this. Our key motivation is to drive discussions at senior level and to work in partnership with the production community. The focus of our approach is on-going dialogue and long-term sustainable change for the industry.

To find out more about the Social Partnership’s progress and for the latest data see our ITV Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2015.

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