Social Partnership

The Social Partnership framework was introduced into our programme commissioning process in November 2014.

The approach has enabled us to share our expectations of our three priorities: People (inclusive programming and workforce), Planet (environmental impact) and Partnerships (community and causes) by embedding the Social Partnership framework at the heart of our commissioning process.

As a broadcaster at the heart of popular culture, we need our content to reflect and appeal to the breadth of audiences that characterise modern Britain and be mindful of relevant environmental and social topics. We take overall ownership for our aim to better reflect our society, but we can only achieve this by working in partnership with our programme suppliers, both from within at ITV Studios and from independent programme makers, who generate content for our family of channels.

The framework, positioned as the third element in our commissioning process, alongside editorial and business affairs, is designed to encourage conversations amongst senior decision makers at the very start of the programme-making process. Although we don’t impose targets or penalties on our programme makers, we do ask for a narrative on how producers plan to go about meeting our expectations. We believe this partnership approach creates open dialogue on the challenges producers may face in socially responsible programme making, and creates opportunities for them to be addressed, affecting long-term sustainable change.

Although success won’t be measured directly against specific programme output or workforce targets, regular monitoring will provide insight into how the combined efforts of the Social Partnership are delivering against our priorities and where we need to focus our efforts.

To find out more about the Social Partnership and our progress so far, download our info below:

Social Partnership
Social Partnership Guidelines
ITV Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2015